Top 5 Places to Visit in Ontario

Someone has truly said that to travel is to live. Travelling is indeed a rejuvenating as well as exhilarating experience. It placates one’s mind giving a more blithesome feeling.

If you are planning to visit Canada then Ontario should certainly be on the top of your list. It is Canada’s most voluminous province which is divided into two regions: Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Ontario is blessed with four distinct seasons and the ideal time to visit is during summers because of various festivals that are hosted by the province in the months of summer.

Ontario is captivated by natural beauty as well as history. It is a home to eminent galleries and museums and connected to the major cities of the world. However, the accommodation in some of the cities of Ontario can be a pain in your pockets. Traditional hotel accommodation is usually very expensive especially in seasons. The cheaper and better alternative would be a short term rental accommodation if you really want to enjoy your stay in Ontario.

So if you have chalked out your plan to visit this fascinating place then the top 5 places to visit are as follows:

1. Niagara falls:
Yes! Niagara. As we all know it is the highest water fall in the world; more than 165 feet. It should be your very first preference to visit. Niagara is embraced collectively by three falls viz Horseshoe falls, American falls and Bridal Veil falls.

The Horseshoe fall is blessed in Canadian region while American and Bridal Veil beautifying the American side. So, in Ontario you will be able to behold mesmerizing Horseshoe fall which is extolled for it’s beauty and hydroelectric power.

How to reach?
Niagara can be reached by both plane and train.

By air:
The nearest airport is Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) which is 123 km from Niagara, Ontario.

By train:
The nearest railway station is Niagara Falls Train Station (4267 Bridge state) .

2. CN Tower:
CN tower is able to give you the most thrilling experience. It is world’s 6th tallest free standing structure. CN stands for ‘Canadian National ‘ given after the company that built it. It measures around 553 meters and is an indentation Icon of Toronto’s skyline. It is at its best at night when it is lit up and can be seen from any part of the city.

How to reach?

301, Front St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada.
It is open from 10 am to 10:30 pm.

One can dine at tower’s renowned 360 restaurant which is a rotating restaurant that completes a revolution in every 72 minutes. It is located 1,151 meters from the ground. A once in a lifetime experience is served by CN tower Edgewalk which takes place on the roof of the restaurant. The visitors are asked to walk along a 1.5 m ledge that forms the circumference of the restaurant.

3. Algonquin Provincial Park:
The wildlife of Canada can be explored at this park. It is covered in a vast area of 7,800 miles and situated between Georgian Bay and Ottawa river in central Ontario. It is home to Bears, Wolves and Moose. It has around 2,400 lakes including Canoe lake, Nipissing, Amable Du Fond and Tim river. Serenity can surely be gained at this place.

How to reach?

Ontario 60, Ontario K0J2M0, Canada.

It is connected via Highway 60 corridor and can easily be approached by any vehicle like a Car or Bus. Airplanes are strictly prohibited in the area. A permit is required to enter which costs around $16. Cafeteria is available in Alonquin Visitor Centre and nearest Motel is Alonquin Motel, 81 Highway 11 Box 115.

4. Lake Promenade Marina:
It is the most beautiful park in Mississauga. The Marina is equipped with docking and boating facilities with playground area, Splash pad, Barbecues, Picnic shelters. If you want to cut off from the world and seek peace then this place offers you a good time as well as relaxation.

How to reach?

135, Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, ON, L5E 3G9, Canada.

5. Port Credit:
It is commonly called as “Village on the lake”. Located at the opening of Credit river on the shore of lake Ontario. It is worth a visit because of various festivals hosted like:
a. Waterfront festival.
b. Port Credit In water boat show.

How to reach?

12, Stavebank Rd S Port Credit, ON, L5G 2T4, Canada.
Hotel facilities are available. It can easily be reached from Mississauga.


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